In the past few years, the cluster has been experiencing slow growth due to recession in USA and Europe. The poor market situation has further aggravated due to the lack of presence in the domestic market and poor awareness among buyer both in the domestic market and new emerging global markets. Most Market Development and Trade Facilitation activities have been undertaken at an individual level by the participation of the large exporters in leading national and international trade fairs and with the help of buying agencies. Majority of the entrepreneurs which includes medium, small and grass root enterprises acted as job workers and relied on the buying agents which resulted in low profit margins and limited growth potential. The products of Narsapur mega cluster have potentiality as the production a grass root level is substantial and in order to cope up the supply and its marketing, Market Development and Trade Facilitation program envisaged for the Narsapur cluster is invariably required to establish the cluster and explore exports and to generate employment in the sector besides improving living standards of lakhs of crafts persons engaged in the cluster of Narsapur

Objective of Market Development and Trade Facilitation of Narsapur Mega Cluster

With the establishment of the International Lace Trade Centre as a strong marketing infrastructure in the Narsapur Cluster under CHCDS, it is imperative to undertake integrated marketing initiatives in the Cluster so as to garner a larger market share.

The proposed Market Development and Trade Facilitation Initiative will focus on building the domestic market presence of the lace products and accessing new international markets. Emphasis will also be on improving market integration and establishing direct market linkages with buyers through increased participation in trade fairs and hosting of reverse buyers, seller meet to increase the buyer footfalls in the Cluster.

Proposed Components for Market Development and Trade Facilitation of Narsapur

The Marketing Development Initiatives have been broadly categories in to four following categories:

  • Publicity
  • Reverse Buyer Seller Meet
  • Participation in domestic trade fairs
  • Participation in international trade fairs.

Major Components of Market Development and Trade Facilitation to be Undertaken by EPCH

  • Publicity
    1. Developing various communication templates such as brochures, product catalogues, print advertisements, hoardings, posters, internet ad campaigns, Website Development, etc.
    2. Design of display elements in exhibition booths, retail kiosks and shop-in-shops.
  • Reverse Buyer Seller Meeting
    1. Reverse Buyer Seller Meet in Narsapur enable potential national and international buyers to have firsthand experience of the product range and skill capacity of the cluster.
    2. EPCH will organize 2 Reverse Buyer & Seller Meeting in the cluster during the Month of October and February
  • Domestic Trade Fairs
    1. Organize artisans/small enterprises/entrepreneur participation in domestic trade fairs
      1. IHGF Delhi Fair – 14-18 October 2015
      2. IHGF New Delhi NCR – 20-23 February 2016
  • International Trade Fairs

Organize artisans/small enterprises/entrepreneur participation in international trade fairs.


  • Increase penetration of the domestic markets
  • Market access to new emerging international markets
  • Direct Market Linkages to a large number of micro and small enterprises/artisans federations

Greater Awareness about the Narsapur cluster and its products