Survey of Cluster Lace Artisans under CHCDS Scheme

Over the years there has been a growing tendency to ensure evidence based planning and implementation of development programs across the country. The data base developed through different household level surveys have made significant contributions in planning as well as monitoring of ongoing programmes in the country.

Narasapur in Andhra Pradesh is concentrated with the crafts of lace and crocheted work. The main concentration area of the crafts are Narsapur, Mogaltur, Palakollu, Kommuchikkala, Bhimavaram, Tellapudi, Perupalem, Rajolu, Amalapuram, Sakinetipalli, Gannavaram, and regions of west and east Godavari. This craft is being practiced in almost each household and majority of artisans engaged are women. This crafts is the livelihood of large number of artisans living in Narasapur and its nearby towns. The exports of the craft are also significant and have potentiality of demand in export market because the products produced are household products and are used as a lifestyle fashion and also as a necessity in the life.

At present there is no database of the lace craft artisans and it’s difficult to tap the potential lace craft persons in the proposed area. As Government has chosen Narsapur as a Mega Cluster for the Lace Craft and it is important to have database of artisans who is actively involved in the lace making and their socio-economic information.

As part of the Narsapur Comprehensive Handicraft Cluster Development Scheme, IL&FS had conducted the Mid-Term Correction – Strategy   Plan and as per the plan it was recommended that EPCH will conduct a survey in the Cluster   and the identified beneficiaries will be linked with the direct assistance from the Govt.

This survey will create a database of 20000 potential artisans who are actively involved in the lace making. Based on the information artisans will be provided assistance to improve the livelihood of the artisans and make them self-reliant.

  • Objectives of the survey                                                                                                            

    • The primary objective of the survey is to identify the lace artisans who actively engaged in the lace making in the Narsapur Mega Cluster and prepare the database of the same.

Survey will also capture the socio-economic status and also their current skill level .